About us

Since 1979

We are an italian manufacturer well known for adhesive felt pads, underfoot, bumpers production.

Since 1979 the company is able to supply customised products all over the world.

Adhesive felt pads

The adhesive felt pad is a universal product you can use to avoid scratches, noise, knocks and more.


The Puntak is a new underfoot properly made for restaurants, hotels and bars where the chairs are strongly used and the felt attached under the legs must be more resistant.

Antislip pad

The antislip pad is made to block small objects like decorative knick knacks on furniture.

Door drought excluder

The door drought excluder has to be applied on the bottom of the door to block the drought wich could come from from outside.

Universal insoles

Universal insoles are available in different materials and can be used inside the shoes to have more comfort in walking.


Bumpers protect doors, furniture from continuous and accidental knocks.